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2020/09/03 19:46

Swiss Canton Zug to Accept Taxes in Bitcoin, Ether From Next Year

Citizens and companies in Zug will be able to pay up to $109,000 of their tax bill in either bitcoin or ether from February next year.

2020/01/24 08:59

仮想通貨イーサ下落が背景 スイス”クリプトバレー”企業50社の企業価値、40%減少 【ニュース】

「クリプトバレー」と呼ばれるスイスのツーク市のブロックチェーン関連企業50社の企業価値が2019年に40%減少した。ダボスで開かれている世界経済フォーラム(WEF)の年次総会(ダボス会議)でスイスの投資会社CV VCが報告した。

2018/08/03 17:00

G20 Crypto Regulations Could Unleash Real Blockchain Change

Increased regulation, as long as it is done with industry cooperation and the aim of de-risking the broader market, will hasten blockchain adoption.

2018/07/03 06:05

Crypto Valley Declares Blockchain Voting Trial a 'Success'

Zug, home of the "Crypto Valley" in Switzerland, has successfully completed its first test of a blockchain-based voting system.

2018/06/11 21:00

Swiss City Plans Blockchain Voting Pilot Using Ethereum-Based IDs

The Swiss City of Zug is launching a pilot that will allow residents to vote electronically, with both polling system and IDs based on blockchain.

2018/06/09 19:07



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