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2020/01/05 03:29

How Libra Failed, and How It Could Succeed in 2020

Libra was the seminal crypto event of 2019, says management consultant Richie Hecker. But, in its current form, it is doomed to fail.

2020/01/04 23:00

While We Wait for Laws, We Need Better Interpretations of Existing Regulation

Congress isn't likely to pass crypto-favorable legislation in 2020. In the meantime, we have to hope for action from the SEC.

2020/01/04 04:30

Even If Blockchain Can’t Secure Land Rights, It Got Us Talking About Them

Anand Aanchal of the World Bank thinks blockchain spurred an interest in securing land rights but often falls short of expectations.

2020/01/04 03:11

When DeFi Meets Neo Banking, This Thing Gets Interesting

When you combine DeFi with wider trends in fintech, you get an existential threat to banks.

2020/01/04 01:35

Stanford Prof Darrell Duffie on Our Big Stablecoin Future

A distinguished Stanford professor breaks down the year in stablecoins: Libra, Tether and Central Bank Digital Currencies, like China's.

2020/01/01 01:20

Inside the Osaka Conference Where Crypto Got Serious About FATF’s ‘Travel Rule’

Held in June, the V20 Summit was a chance for the industry to respond to a highly controversial set of recommendations handed down by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

2019/12/31 18:14

What Is a Cryptocurrency? We Need Clearer Definitions

In the wake of Libra and CBDCs, we need better definitions for what is and isn't a cryptocurrency.

2019/12/30 19:39

Thanks to Better UX, This Year Dapps Will Go Mainstream

While thinking big is admirable, new technologies must first identify real problems and offer solutions people can use.

2019/12/30 19:17

AI for Everyone: Super-Smart Systems That Reward Data Creators

Combining AI and blockchain enables sophisticated data processing while respecting personal data privacy.

2019/12/28 21:00

Data Creators Should Share in the Profits From Big Data

If data is the new oil, we need new business models allowing creators to share in the profits.

2019/12/28 20:33

Blockchain Projects Are Just Entering the Netscape Phase

People who claim “nothing has happened yet,” or that digital assets and blockchains only have limited use cases, only see patches of the quilt.

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