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2020/04/03 01:21

Ripple Engineers Publish Design for Private Transactions on XRP Ledger

Ripple engineer Nik Bougalis has proposed a method of shielding transactions on the XRP ledger.

2020/02/28 23:00

Third-Party Cryptos Could Launch on XRP Ledger, Says Ripple’s David Schwartz

Ripple CTO Schwartz said a feature is being developed to allow asset-backed tokens to be minted on the platform.

2019/09/15 11:47



2018/05/25 04:30

Payments Platform Uphold Completes XRP Ledger Integration

Digital payments startup Uphold has completed its integration with the XRP ledger, it announced Thursday.

2018/05/16 01:00

Ripple Launches 'Xpring' Initiative to Invest in XRP-Focused Startups

Ripple has launched an initiative to provide financial assistance to "serious" startups and projects – as long as they boost its own ecosystem.

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