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2020/02/25 00:00

Blockchain Pioneer Caitlin Long to Build Crypto Bank in Wyoming

A Wyoming corporation founded by Caitlin Long is preparing to apply for a special purpose depository institution (SPDI) charter with the state’s division of banking.

2020/02/15 02:58

IOHK Opens Cardano Research Lab at University of Wyoming Following $500K Donation

The blockchain center at the University of Wyoming will feature a Plutus development facility, providing blockchain developers with an applied laboratory for writing code in cardano's smart-contract language.

2019/02/21 11:04

仮想通貨フレンドリーな米ワイオミング州 関連法案3つ可決でビジネス盛り上げる


2019/02/02 16:00

米ワイオミング州 仮想通貨を通貨と定義する法案を可決


2019/01/22 01:40

Wyoming Bill Would Clear the Way for Crypto Custody at Banks

Wyoming legislators have introduced a bill to classify digital assets as property and provide banks with clarity on crypto custodial services.

2019/01/20 12:30

米ワイオミング州「仮想通貨を通貨と定義」する法案を提出| 「デジタルセキュリティー」「デジタル消費資産」から区別


2019/01/18 10:23

仮想通貨の規制緩和に積極的な米ワイオミング州 トークン化された株式の発行を認める法案を提出


2019/01/17 19:05

Wyoming Blockchain Bill Proposes Issuance of Tokenized Stock Certificates

Lawmakers from the U.S. state of Wyoming have introduced legislation proposing the issuance of tokenized stock certificates using blockchain tech.

2019/01/12 05:50

Wyoming Lawmakers Advance Blockchain ‘Sandbox’ Bill

A Wyoming legislature committee has approved a regulatory sandbox bill, sending it to the full House for a vote.

2018/08/06 13:00

Coinbase Resumes Bitcoin Buying and Selling in Wyoming

Three years since Coinbase pulled out from Wyoming, it is now returning to the Cowboy State after renewing its money transmitter license.

2018/07/11 13:00

Regulators Are Slowly Starting to Get It: Utility Tokens Are Real

Regulators are doing their homework and recognizing there's at least potentially something different going on here from what they're used to seeing.

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