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2020/02/03 01:00

Bermuda Is Planning a Comprehensive Crypto Framework

Denis Pitcher, chief fintech advisor to the Premier of Bermuda, talks about the island nation's blockchain plans.

2020/02/02 01:00

Hyperledger’s Brian Behlendorf Says Blockchain’s Potential Is “Hitting a Tipping Point”

Hyperledger's Brian Behlendorf talks with Michael Casey about blockchain's "tipping point."

2020/01/22 23:00

Notes From the WEF: The Coming Battle Between Surveilled and Private Money

Most Davos experts appear to agree that blockchain technology is best for data collection rather than self-sovereign finance.

2020/01/18 05:30

The Prospect of Building a New International Monetary System Is Getting Real

When world leaders gather in Davos next week, they'll confront an essential question, says Circle's Jeremy Allaire: Can they seize blockchain's ability to create value for people around the world?

2020/01/17 07:00

Currency ‘Cold War’ Takes Center Stage at Pre-Davos Crypto Confab

Cryptocurrencies could be at the heart of a new Cold War, at least according to some investors at the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz.

2020/01/17 05:09

Fake News on Steroids: Deepfakes Are Coming – Are World Leaders Prepared?

What 2018 and 2019 were to blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the WEF stage (met with a healthy mix of intrigue and skepticism), 2020 will be to synthetic media, also known by the ominous-sounding euphemism “deepfakes.”

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