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2019/09/06 22:00

Leadership Shakeup at Wasabi Wallet as Bitcoin Business Surges

Adam Ficsor, co-founder of the firm behind the privacy-centric Wasabi Wallet, is stepping down from his role as CTO.

2019/09/05 22:00

Binance Labs Leads $5.7 Million Series A for Blockchain Maker Dapix

Binance Labs has led a $5.7 million round for Dapix , a startup that wants to simplify crypto wallet addresses across the industry.

2019/09/03 21:00

Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio Steps Down as Decentral CEO

The Canadian startup behind Jaxx crypto wallet is struggling to find a reliable revenue model.

2019/08/20 01:00

Bank of America Seeks to Patent Crypto Wallet That Works Like Valet Car Key

Bank of America is seeking to patent security tech for digital currency wallets that gives different users different levels of access to stored funds.

2019/07/05 21:30

Electrum Wallet Is Adding Support for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

The popular wallet service Electrum is soon to add official support for bitcoin's lightning network, its founder has told CoinDesk.

2019/07/04 06:45

ZenGo Introduces Non-Custodial, Keyless Competitor to Calibra Wallet

ZenGo's product shows how Libra can be held in other wallets.

2019/07/03 13:15

eToro Is Adding the First ERC-20 Crypto Tokens to Its Wallet – 120 of Them

The eToro cryptocurrency wallet is rolling out support for 120 ERC-20 standard tokens, starting Tuesday with MKR, BAT and OMG.

2019/06/17 21:10

Breez Reveals Lightning-Powered Bitcoin Payments App for iPhone

Now in beta for the iPhone, Breez's app harnesses lighting, Neutrino and atomic swaps to make bitcoin P2P payments feasible for daily transactions.

2019/06/14 03:30

BRD Partners With Wyre to Build Bank Transfer Wallet Feature

BRD aims to compete with exchanges thanks to its addition of low-cost bank transfers.

2019/06/07 18:33

Crypto Developer Komodo ‘Hacks’ Wallet Users to Foil $13 Million Theft

Cryptocurrency wallet developer Komodo has effectively hacked its own customers to protect their funds from an external attack.

2019/06/07 08:08

10億円分の仮想通貨XRPがハッキング被害か ゲートハブで


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