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2020/06/02 10:45



2020/05/01 01:30

The ‘Great Lockdown’ Is Boosting Demand for Bitcoin Custody Solutions

Bitcoin wallet startups have seen a sudden uptick in activity. In short, more people want to hold their own bitcoin than ever before.

2020/04/04 00:00

Non-Custodial Exchange Hodl Hodl Bringing Private Bitcoin Trading to BlueWallet Users

The BlueWallet app will soon offer private bitcoin trades via an integration with the peer-to-peer Hodl Hodl exchange.

2020/03/31 23:37

Ex-Royal Mint Team Now Provides $1M Insurance Cover for All Civic Crypto Wallets

Coincover is now providing automatic insurance cover on all new signups for Civic's hot wallet.

2020/03/10 21:00 Wallet Users Can Now Borrow Against Their Crypto Holdings

Users can borrow U.S. dollar-denominated stablecoins against bitcoin in their wallets.

2020/03/04 04:10

New Wallet From Stablecoin Issuer STASIS Syncs With Financial Institutions

STASIS said Tuesday its new wallet would offer regulated financial institutions a new gateway into cryptocurrencies.

2020/03/02 22:45

Lloyd’s Backs New Crypto Hot Wallet Insurance Scheme From Coincover

The UK insurance giant is underwriting a new policy protecting against theft of cryptocurrency held in online hot wallets.

2020/02/25 10:00

CoolBitX Raises $16.7M to Make Crypto More Bank-Friendly

In 2020, the startup’s focus is on new products and features that comply with new rules from the Financial Action Task Force.

2020/01/23 00:32

Retail Accumulation? Number of Bitcoin Addresses With One or More Coins Sees Solid Rise

A key on-chain metric has witnessed solid growth over the past 12 months, possibly indicating steady accumulation of bitcoins by retail traders.

2020/01/17 19:00

Watch Civic’s CEO Talk About His New Cross-Border Payment System

The Civic Wallet is a noncustodial money transfer system that uses your face instead of complex keys.

2019/12/03 00:20

Kakao’s Delayed Crypto Wallet Will Support Native Dapps, Collectibles

Kakao's in-development wallet for its "klay" cryptocurrency will support dapps and tokens based on the firm's blockchain tech. The bad news is the launch has been delayed.

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