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2019/03/04 21:30

A New Exchange Launches, Letting Institutions Custody Their Own Crypto

LGO Markets, a new crypto exchange for institutional investors with an unusual approach to custody, will launch spot trading on March 11.

2019/02/21 18:35

ゴールドマン出身者らによる仮想通貨取引監視企業 資金調達で300万ドル獲得


2019/02/14 08:46

仮想通貨マイナー デリバティブ取引で冬の時代を過ごす?|ウォール街出身者との勝負に懸念の声も


2019/02/07 09:49

「ウォール街はビットコインに再び注目する」 JPモルガンのストラテジストが予測 | 仮想通貨の安定性がカギ


2019/02/01 10:02

ナスダック 「7つの仮想通貨取引所が市場監視技術を使用」日本の取引所の名前も明かす


2019/01/24 09:12

仮想通貨カルダノ創設者「最高値回復には11年かかる可能性」| アマゾン株と同じ回復パターンか


2019/01/01 06:00



2018/12/30 22:15

The End of the First Crypto Decade

Massimo Morini is a veteran in investment banks and financial institutions including the World Bank. Some of his research on blockchain was reported here and here. The following is an exclusive contribution to CoinDesk’s 2018 Year in Review.  The end of 2018 is not the end of a year. It is the end of a decade, a decade that changed the world […]

2018/12/19 08:15

Institutional Crypto and a New Generation of Wall Street Leaders

The crypto space is shifting rapidly with new innovations – but the industry still faces a number of urgent questions, says angel investor Donna Redel.

2018/12/17 08:02

The Intrinsic Value of Crypto (What the Bubble Hasn’t Changed)

The crypto bubble hasn't altered the intrinsic value of crypto assets – but it should change our outlook on how they will evolve.

2018/12/12 00:00

Panic Mode? What a Wall Street Chart Tells Us About Bitcoin’s Price

Hope, euphoria or panic? What the “Wall Street Cheat Sheet” can tell us about the current state of the bitcoin market.

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