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2020/09/04 17:32

Voatz Calls for Restrictions on Independent Cybersecurity Research in Supreme Court Brief

Blockchain voting platform Voatz wrote that bug bounty programs are beneficial – provided researchers only operate under the supervision of the companies they’re looking into.

2020/03/31 06:20

Election App Voatz Just Got Kicked Out of a Major Bug Bounty Program

Bug bounty platform HackerOne severed ties with Medici Ventures-backed Voatz, the blockchain-based mobile voting app for breach of partnership standards.

2020/03/02 20:00

West Virginia Ditches Blockchain Voting App Provider Voatz

West Virginia will not continue with its use of blockchain-based mobile voting software Voatz amid security concerns from experts.

2020/02/14 10:08

MIT Wasn’t Only One Auditing Voatz – Homeland Security Did Too, With Fewer Concerns

A newly declassified DHS cyber audit complicates Thursday’s reports of major security vulnerabilities in the Voatz mobile voting app.

2019/10/20 08:59

米国で広がるブロックチェーン投票 米オレゴン州でモバイル投票アプリの試験運用【ニュース】


2019/06/06 22:15

Overstock’s Medici Ventures Leads $7 Million Round for Blockchain Voting Startup

Blockchain-based mobile voting platform Voatz has raised $7 million in a Series A round led by Overstock's Medici Ventures and Techstars.

2019/03/08 19:30

米デンバー、ブロックチェーン使ったモバイル投票アプリを開発へ 軍人など国外在住者向け


2019/03/07 23:00

City of Denver to Pilot Blockchain Voting App in Coming Elections

The U.S. city of Denver plans to utilize a blockchain system from a firm called Voatz to store and track votes in its May municipal elections.

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