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2020/02/28 19:00

US House Committee to Hold Hearing on Blockchain Benefits for Small Businesses

The Committee on Small Business will discuss how blockchain technology can help startups in March.

2019/11/19 05:51

FEMA Advisory Board Proposes Blockchain to Speed ‘Disaster Dividend’ Payouts

The NAC argued that blockchain could improve the speed of payouts communities rely on in the wake of natural disasters.

2019/03/14 23:30

Republican Leader McCarthy Proposes Blockchain Transparency in Government

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has called for an exploration to see if blockchain can make the U.S. government more efficient and transparent.

2019/02/25 20:30

US Government Returns Bitcoins Retrieved Following 2016 Bitfinex Hack

Bitfinex has announced that 27 of the bitcoin stolen in a major 2016 hack have been returned after they were retrieved by the U.S. government.

2019/01/07 18:00

Is the Window Closing on US Blockchain Leadership?

The U.S. should apply a "do no harm" approach and take a lead role on blockchain regulation, says William Mougayar.

2018/12/27 23:40

US Defense Department Says Blockchain Can Help in Disaster Relief

The U.S. Defense Logistics Agency says blockchain technology has "enormous" potential to improve disaster relief efforts.

2018/10/03 22:00

US Lawmakers Push for 'Blockchain' Definition in New Congressional Bill

A bipartisan bill introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives this week proposes creating a "consensus-based definition of blockchain."

2018/09/29 20:29

New Ripple-Led Advocacy Group to Pay DC Lobbyists in XRP

Ripple is leading a group of organizations launching an advocacy body in Washington D.C. that will pay for lobbying in both U.S. dollars and XRP.

2018/06/19 03:53

US Ethics Office: Government Officials Must Disclose Crypto Holdings

Those working for the executive branch of the U.S. government must disclose their cryptocurrency holdings, ethics officials said Monday.

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