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2019/11/12 17:51

UPS Ships Beef to Japan, Tracked and Monitored Using Blockchain Tech

The shipping giant says it has tracked and delivered a full shipment of beef from Kansas to a Tokyo steakhouse with help from blockchain firm HerdX.

2019/03/23 21:21

UPS Targets B2B Sales With New Blockchain E-Commerce Platform

U.S.-based shipping giant UPS has announced a new blockchain integration aimed to bring business-to-business sales into the digital age.

2018/12/30 14:30

ユナイテッド航空幹部「キラーケースまだ見つけていない」 ブロックチェーンの収益化 来年は時期尚早?


2018/08/20 11:00

UPS Eyes Blockchain in Bid to Track Global Shipping Data

Shipping giant UPS has filed for a new patent that uses blockchain as part of a distributed system for sending packages worldwide.

2018/05/08 18:42



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