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2020/02/24 18:00

How the Ethereum Foundation Got UNICEF to Embrace Blockchain

A donation to UNICEF may be the Ethereum Foundation’s shrewdest investment yet.

2019/05/20 00:00

‘Tackling Real World Issues’: Hackers at ETH New York Build Apps Geared Towards Social Change

A New York Blockchain Week ended last Friday we spent time at an ethereum hackathon where developers came together to build blockchain tools with social impact.

2019/03/07 03:30

UNICEF Explores Blockchain to Improve Internet for ‘Every School’ in Kyrgyzstan

International children's charity UNICEF is exploring how blockchain technology could be used to help connect local schools in Kyrgyzstan to the Internet.

2018/12/11 05:45

UNICEF Funds 6 Blockchain Startups to ‘Solve Global Challenges’

UNICEF is investing $100,000 in six blockchain startups to solve issues affecting developing economies.

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