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2022/09/07 11:50



2022/07/05 10:49

アルゼンチンでステーブルコインのプレミアムが上昇 経済相辞任を受け経済不安定化に懸念


2021/06/08 11:37

元大統領のトランプ氏、ビットコインを批判 「ドルと競合する存在」


2020/02/14 18:00

US Intelligence Officials Are Funding Research on Dollar-Crushing ‘Black Swan’ Events

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence wants to sponsor a post-doc researcher to study what would happen if the U.S. dollar lost its status as the world’s reserve currency.

2020/01/01 02:00

In Race for 2030 Currency Supremacy, the Dollar Is Its Own Worst Enemy

As the roaring '20s begin, the U.S. dollar looks as strong as ever. But signs of decline are on the horizon.

2018/09/10 22:30

Gemini Launches NYDFS-Regulated Crypto Pegged to the Dollar

Crypto exchange Gemini is set to issue a dollar-backed, NYDFS-approved stablecoin – the second to launch in New York today.

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