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2021/02/05 06:56

TokenSoft to Trade Digital Securities on tZERO’s Retail Market

On the Overstock-owned platform, TokenSoft customers will be able issue security tokens that retail and accredited investors can trade.

2020/11/05 09:43



2020/06/09 10:00



2020/05/01 22:00

Overstock Wants to Trade Traditional Stocks on tZERO Crypto App

tZERO Crypto wants to become the first platform approved to trade crypto, digital securities and traditional stocks on a single app.

2020/04/03 13:53

米SEC、セキュリティートークン取引所の承認判断を延期 | 米オーバーストックのブロックチェーン部門が運営


2020/04/02 18:00

SEC Seeks More Feedback on tZERO’s Proposed Security Token Exchange

The commission has extended a comment period on a proposed rule change to clear a regulatory path for the Boston Security Token Exchange, a tZERO-backed security token platform.

2019/09/05 19:32



2019/08/23 16:31

米Eコマース大手オーバーストック、仮想通貨積極派パトリック・バーンCEOの辞任発表 ロシア政府工作員と「ロマンス」


2019/08/09 06:41

tZERO to Open Security Token Market to Retail Traders Next Week

Overstock is opening up trading on its security token market, tZERO, to retail investors starting next week.

2019/06/28 12:00

tZERO Launches Second Digital Security to Trade on PRO Securities ATS

OSTKO, the Digital Voting Series A-1 Preferred Stock, will replace its predecessor Blockchain Voting Series A Preferred Stock – OSTKP

2019/05/13 22:30

Securitize Open-Sources Its Protocol, Partners With tZERO Token Exchange

Securitize has partnered with Overstock subsidiary tZERO as it open-sources the code behind its in-house protocol.

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