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2021/02/04 18:02

Ethereum Transaction Fees Hit Record Highs As Ether, DeFi Coins Soar

The average Ethereum transaction fee has passed $20 for the first time.

2021/02/03 01:15

Ethereum Miners Earned Record $830M in January

Miner revenue jumped over 120% from the previous month.

2020/11/02 23:16

Bitcoin Miners Saw 8% Revenue Increase in October

12% of revenue came from fees, the highest percentage since Jan. 2018.

2020/10/03 04:42

Bitcoin Miners Saw 11% Revenue Drop in September

Miners generated an estimated $328 million in September.

2020/10/01 19:57

Record $166M Ethereum Fees Last Month Were Six Times Bigger than Bitcoin’s

Ethereum continues to outpace Bitcoin in transaction fees, with DeFi mania helping push total fees to $166 million last month.

2020/09/01 22:34

Bitcoin Miners Saw 23% Revenue Increase in August

Miners generated an estimated $368 million in August.

2020/08/01 23:27

Bitcoin Miners Saw 7% Revenue Increase in July

Bitcoin miners earned $300 in revenue during July.

2020/06/10 21:25

‘Whale’ Just Sent $130 in Cryptocurrency With a $2.6M Transaction Fee

The sender's identity isn't known, but their wallet still holds more than $11 million worth of ether,

2019/10/31 03:55

Bitcoin Just Hit $1 Billion in All-Time Transaction Fees

Here's what to make of the milestone.

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