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2019/09/01 12:00



2019/04/12 15:00

Trade Organization ICC Eyes Blockchain Adoption for Its 45 Million Members

The world's biggest business organization is making blockchain available to its many members including Amazon, Coca Cola, McDonald's and PayPal.

2019/03/27 19:10

London Metal Exchange Backs Plan to Track Physical Metals With Blockchain

The London Metal Exchange is said to be supporting an initiative to better track physical metals using blockchain tech.

2019/03/23 21:21

UPS Targets B2B Sales With New Blockchain E-Commerce Platform

U.S.-based shipping giant UPS has announced a new blockchain integration aimed to bring business-to-business sales into the digital age.

2019/03/12 19:20

Korean Actor Invests in Blockchain Seafood Trade Startup

South Korean actor and businessman Bae Yong-joon has invested an undisclosed sum in blockchain-based seafood trade startup Seamon.

2018/10/26 23:06

Four Agricultural Giants Eye Blockchain in Push to Digitize Global Trade

The four biggest agricultural corporations plan to utilize tech such as blockchain and AI to bring the global grain trade into the digital age.

2018/09/21 18:30

Venezuela to Adopt Controversial Petro Token in Global Trade

Venezuela's president is ordering the use of the petro in international trade, despite doubts the token will be widely accepted.

2018/06/13 00:35

UN Trade Body Examines Blockchain's Potential in Supply Chains

A United Nations body that facilitates global trade is examining blockchain and smart contracts to see if they could play a role in its mission.

2018/05/31 22:41

PwC Australia, Port of Brisbane Unveil Blockchain Supply Chain Pilot

PwC Australia, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Port of Brisbane are trialling a new blockchain trade solution.

2018/03/26 16:36


中国がブロックチェーン技術の標準化を重点テーマとして推進する方針であることが明らかになった。 中国工業情報化省の情報・ソフトウェアサービス部門が23日に発表した文書によると、2018年の重点テーマ7つのうち、4つをブロッ […]

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