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2019/09/03 17:12

HSBC Targets China Trade With Yuan-Demoninated Blockchain Letter of Credit

HSBC has carried out the first blockchain-based letter of credit transaction denominated in Chinese yuan.

2019/08/07 19:00

Standard Chartered Completes First Transaction on Oil Industry Blockchain Platform Voltron

Standard Chartered Bank has completed the first international letter of credit transaction on the oil industry blockchain platform Voltron.

2019/06/05 18:00

Russian Retailer Dixy Using Ethereum Tech to Streamline Trade Finance

Grocery chain Dixy has partnered with a blockchain startup to greatly reduce the time it takes to pay suppliers

2019/05/29 22:00

Bitfury, Tech Firm Mphasis Plan Blockchain Disruption in Trade Finance

Blackstone-owned IT firm Mphasis has partnered with blockchain tech firm Bitfury to automate and tokenize trade finance processes.

2019/04/29 22:00

We.Trade Co-Founder Mancone Is Leaving the Enterprise Blockchain Firm

Roberto Mancone is leaving, the live trade finance blockchain platform which he helped grow into a legal entity comprising 14 banks.

2019/04/25 19:00

Top 3 Japanese Bank to Roll Out Services on Marco Polo Blockchain

Sumitomo, Japan’s third-largest bank by total assets, will launch blockchain-based trade finance services in the second half of this year.

2019/04/24 23:00

China’s Foreign Exchange Regulator Piloting Blockchain in Trade Finance

The agency that regulates and manages China's foreign exchange reserves will trial a blockchain system addressing inefficiencies in cross-border trade.

2019/03/28 18:01

Marco Polo Blockchain Built on R3’s Corda Sees First Live Trades

The first real transactions have been conducted on Marco Polo, a trade finance blockchain built on R3's Corda platform.

2019/03/18 18:00

Citi Has Scrapped Its Plan for a JPM Coin-Like Bank-Backed Cryptocurrency

Several years back Citi tested a bank-backed cryptocurrency similar to JPMCoin. The lesson it learned? It's easier to rely on SWIFT.

2019/01/10 18:00

The First Live Enterprise Blockchain Sets Sights on Every Area of Global Trade

Trade finance DLT platform is seeking partnerships with other networks, with TradeLens and Tradeshift as prime candidates.

2019/01/04 22:00

Chinese Bank Giants Tap Blockchain in Trade Finance Efficiency Boost

The China Banking Association, the country’s self-regulatory organization for the banking sector, has launched a new blockchain-based platform for trade finance.

2018/11/05 18:30

Firm Owned by India's Richest Man Turns to Blockchain for Trade Finance

Reliance Industries – owned by India's richest person, Mukesh Ambani – has used blockchain to conduct its first trade finance transaction.

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