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2020/12/02 19:30

Dusk Network Takes ‘Around 10%’ Stake in Dutch Stock Exchange

Security token platform Dusk Network has become a shareholder of a Dutch stock exchange as part of both firms' plans for share tokenization.

2020/10/17 02:52

Russian Metal Giant’s Tokenization Firm Expands to America

U.S. investors can invest in tokens representing rare metals as Russian mining giant Nornickel expands its tokenization firm.

2020/09/25 01:12

A New Era of Media Begins With Tokenization

Substack alone won't save publishing: The future of online content is where "money legos," communities and media meet.

2020/09/11 09:13



2020/09/01 22:01

Government of Bermuda Pilots Stimulus Token in Response to COVID Crisis

Bermuda is looking to speed up the distribution of financial aid to its citizens and has begun trialing a digital stimulus token.

2020/09/01 05:55

A New Attempt to Tokenize Real Estate Projects in Mexico and Canada

Digital transfer agent Vertalo has partnered with real estate platform MountX to tokenize more than 15 digital real estate projects in Mexico and Canada.

2020/03/04 00:04

Stellar-Based IoT App Joins Tokenized Connectivity Race

An app that allows users to earn a Stellar-based token by providing last-mile access for internet-of-things (IoT) devices is now live on Apple’s App Store.

2020/02/25 19:00

Russian Smelting Giant Nornickel Launches Metal Tokenization Platform for Testing

The Russian mining and smelting giant will issue metal-backed tokens on Atomyze, a Hyperledger-based blockchain platform.

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