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2022/09/14 13:00



2020/07/01 06:21

The Man Who Tokenized Himself Gives Holders Power Over His Life

Alex Masmej, the founder of Rocket and creator his own token ($ALEX) wants holders to vote on his life choices. The idea might become a startup, he says.

2019/10/03 01:00

Six Major Japanese Brokerages Form Security Token Offering Association

A self-regulatory organization has been formed in Japan to guide security token offerings.

2019/06/20 17:07



2019/06/20 12:00

Token, an Open Banking Platform, Raises $16.5M in Funding

Investors in Token include Opera Tech Ventures, the venture arm of BNP Paribas, Octopus Ventures, and EQT Ventures.

2019/05/24 21:00

Blockstream’s Samson Mow Is Launching a Space Alien Gaming Token on Bitcoin

Bitcoin... in space? A company led by Blockstream CSO Samson Mow is looking to bridge the worlds of crypto and online gaming.

2019/05/03 03:40

Qtum Lets Users Deploy a Full Blockchain Node on Google’s Cloud Platform

Qtum releases a new instant virtual machine service on Google's Cloud Platform.

2019/02/12 02:49

Binance’s BNB Token Hits All-Time High in Bitcoin Value

BinanceCoin (BNB) has extended its recent gains to set a new all-time high in bitcoin-denominated value.

2019/02/09 03:00

TCR Party: The #CryptoTwitter Popularity Contest Everyone’s Talking About

ConsenSys is experimenting with token models to see what could work for enterprise consulting clients.

2018/09/30 18:50

仮想通貨取引所バイナンス(Binance) が日本時間10月2日19:00からPAX/BTCペアの提供開始

仮想通貨取引所バイナンスが日本時間10月02日19:00から米ドルのステーブルコイン「パクソス・スタンダード・トークン (Paxos Standard Token, PAX) 」対ビットコイン (BTC)ペアの取扱いを開始する。

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