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2019/12/24 13:59

トムソン・ロイター、仮想通貨納税対応ツールを展開へ Veradyと連携【ニュース】


2019/06/13 20:00

Reuters, Bloomberg and TradingView to Add New Cryptocurrency Index

The terminals of Reuters and Bloomberg will soon provide cryptocurrency data from an index that takes into account social media posts and news.

2019/03/20 21:00

CoinMarketCap Crypto Indices Launch on Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Reuters

Two crypto benchmark indices from CoinMarketCap launch on Nasdaq, Bloomberg Terminal, Thomson Reuters and Börse Stuttgart today.

2018/08/09 17:00

Barclays Is Pitting Blockchains Against Each Other (For a Cause)

The bank's DerivHack event will attempt to suss out which of the major enterprise DLT platforms works best for derivatives life cycle smart contracts.

2018/07/31 21:10

Thomson Reuters Is Adding 50 Crypto Assets to Finance Data Feed

Thomson Reuters will soon track 50 crypto assets on one of its desktop finance feeds, thanks to a new deal with market data aggregator CryptoCompare.

2018/06/13 15:59

Beyond Bitcoin: Thomson Reuters Data Now Tracking Top 100 Cryptos

The Canadian mass media and information giant, Thomson Reuters, is expanding its sentiment analysis to track 100 of the world's top cryptocurrencies.

2018/06/01 19:15

Former Reuters Risk Intelligence Exec Joins Crypto Compliance Startup

Thomson Reuters's former head of World-Check, Greg Pinn, is the new head of product strategy for iComply.

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