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2021/02/05 05:00

What We Learned About PayPal’s Crypto Strategy This Week

Insights from PayPal’s first quarterly earnings report since launching crypto services.

2021/02/04 05:10

Michael Saylor’s Mission to Get 1,400 Corporations Into Bitcoin

MicroStrategy is hosting a two-day “Bitcoin for Corporations” event. Here’s what to watch for.

2021/02/03 04:57

Is This the End of the Reddit Retail Investor Dream?

As GME plummets and traditional financial media turns its attention elsewhere, where does the retail trading insurgency go from here?

2021/02/02 04:59

Have the Hedge Funds Infiltrated Reddit’s WallStreetBets?

The media keeps saying WallStreetBets is going after silver; WallStreetBets members say it’s a campaign to co-opt and divide them.

2021/01/31 23:00

What Ray Dalio Really Thinks of Bitcoin

A reading of Dalio’s first long-form essay on his thoughts about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

2021/01/30 23:00

GameStop, Robinhood and the Failure of Un-Free Markets

The latest in the saga of WallStreetBets vs the world.

2021/01/30 04:58

In Retrospect, It Was Inevitable: Elon Musk Pumps Bitcoin to Space

The price action is fun, but the larger significance is about decentralized alternatives to today’s financial system.

2021/01/03 23:00

The Unorthodox Trades That Will Drive Value in 2021, feat. Tony Greer

The macro analyst looks at unexpected sources of strength in the economy.

2021/01/02 23:00

Why Bitcoin Is Bigger Than an Inflation Hedge, feat. Dan Tapiero

The prominent gold and bitcoin macro commenter discusses a new generation of institutional investors.

2021/01/02 04:15

Bitcoin Is Digital Social Justice, feat. Tyrone Ross

The podcaster and CEO of Onramp Invest discusses DeFi, income inequality and the opportunity for bitcoin in 2021.

2021/01/01 04:00

The Most Important Bitcoin Infrastructure Developments of 2020, feat. Alyse Killeen

A look at privacy and infrastructure advances that will shape the bitcoin ecosystem in the years to come.

2020/12/22 04:00

Raoul Pal on the Coming Transformation of Monetary and Fiscal Policy

The founder of Real Vision joins NLW for a discussion of CBDCs, bitcoin and why he remains "irresponsibly long."

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