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2020/06/26 00:56

Telegram Agrees to Pay $18.5M Penalty in SEC Settlement Over Failed TON Offering

Telegram has settled its six-month court case with the SEC, agreeing to pay $18.5 million in penalties and to notify the agency if it plans to issue another digital asset in the next three years.

2020/04/02 02:28

Judge Denies Telegram’s Request to Issue Gram Tokens to Non-US Investors

A federal judge denied Telegram's request to issue Gram tokens to non-U.S. investors.

2020/02/20 07:55

US Court Tells Telegram and SEC to Focus on ‘Economic Realities’ of Gram Token Sale

In his first public comments on the case, federal judge P. Kevin Castel called on Telegram and the SEC to consider the "economic realities" of the case such as the gram token’s secondary market.

2020/02/15 02:20

TON Developers, Investors Back Telegram in SEC Fight

A new organization composed of TON developers and investors has filed an amicus brief supporting Telegram in its fight against the SEC.

2020/01/07 11:14

「仮想通貨グラムは投資商品ではない」 テレグラム、TONブロックチェーンおよびグラムについてSECに反論【ニュース】

テレグラムは、独自ブロックチェーン「TON(Telegram Open Network)」で利用できる仮想通貨「グラム」(GRM)は投資商品ではないこと、金銭的価値をすべて失うリスクがあることを明言した。

2019/12/11 05:24

US Judge Orders UK Court to Depose Telegram’s Advisor About Token Sale

U.S. District Court Judge P. Kevin Castel in New York signed an order to Britain's High Court to depose John Hyman, Telegram's chief investment officer.

2019/11/01 23:00

Telegram Releases Test Crypto Wallet Despite SEC Lawsuit

Telegram, the messaging app company turned blockchain startup, has released an early desktop wallet for its crypto token, gram.

2019/10/03 05:05

Telegram’s TON Blockchain Is on Track for Late-October Launch Date

TON investors received emails from the Telegram core team Wednesday seemingly confirming the $1.7 billion blockchain's Oct. 31 launch date.

2019/09/29 10:57



2019/09/07 06:46

Telegram Finally Releases Code for Its $1.7 Billion TON Blockchain

Telegram’s blockchain project, TON, has entered the last preparation stage before going live.

2019/09/02 23:30

Liquid Exchange Reveals Escrow Account for Sale of Telegram Tokens

Crypto exchange Liquid has disclosed a wallet address where the proceeds from its July sale of Telegram's GRAM tokens are being held in escrow.

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