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2020/01/31 21:00

Crypto Tax Software Developers Get Serious About System Standards

A growing number of crypto tax software developers are trying to bolster their products’ technical credibility with the CPA’s stamp of attestation.

2019/12/10 23:00

Danish Tax Agency Sends Warning Letters to Suspected Crypto Tax Evaders

Denmark's tax authority, the Skattestyrelsen, has been sending letters to cryptocurrency users it suspects of tax avoidance, demanding a range of information about their trading activities.

2019/10/29 21:05

Tencent to Lead Drafting of International Blockchain-Based Invoice Standards

The internet giant, which has been working on blockchain-based invoices for some time, will lead the development of new standards.

2019/10/29 04:40

Chinese Official Warns Libra Could Abet Illegal Cross-Border Transfers

Libra must abide by international foreign exchange regulations to not enable illegal transfers or “it should be banned,” a senior Chinese regulator said Monday.

2019/10/04 04:30

Ohio Treasurer Suspends Predecessor’s Bitcoin Tax Payment Service

A website launched last year by the U.S. state of Ohio allowing businesses to pay a range of taxes with bitcoin has been taken offline.

2019/08/15 05:55

New IRS Warning Letters Target Crypto Investors Who Misreported Trades

The IRS is sending another round of warning letters to crypto users, this time to taxpayers who it thinks misreported income on exchange transactions.

2019/08/08 03:00

North Carolina Congressman Reintroduces Crypto Tax Bill

Reintroduced cryptocurrency tax legislation is taking aim at the IRS's current code

2019/08/03 02:30

Brazilian Tax Authorities Impose New Requirements on Crypto Trading

Information regarding crypto transactions exceeding $7,600 in value must be submitted to the National Treasury.

2019/06/07 20:00

Australia to Crack Down on Crypto Tax Avoidance Schemes

The Australian Taxation Office is hunting down major tax avoidance schemes using cryptocurrencies, according to a report.

2019/06/07 13:00

What to Expect When the IRS Alters Its Bitcoin Tax Policy

Coming guidance from the IRS is expected to clarify longstanding crypto tax questions. Here's what to look for.

2019/06/05 22:30

Japan’s Crypto Traders May Face Closer Scrutiny Over Tax Avoidance

Japanese tax authorities are said to be planning to take action on the under-reporting of cryptocurrency-based profits.

2019/05/23 16:47



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