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2021/02/15 07:51

DAOプロジェクトに直接投資する初の事例 合成資産プロトコルのSynthetixにコインベースやパラダイム、IOSGが1200万ドル投資


2021/02/08 07:05



2021/01/18 16:30



2020/12/04 04:00

Terra Brings 24-Hour Trading to Synthetic Versions of Stocks Like TSLA and AAPL

The creators of the stablecoin platform Terra are launching Mirror Protocol, a way to mint crypto assets that mimic U.S. stocks.

2020/05/18 13:05

Trading Contest on Synthetix Aims to Showcase Speed of New DEX Tech

Synthetix is putting over $40,000 in crypto on the line to entice users to try out the faster beta of its decentralized exchange (DEX).

2020/02/01 03:00

The Founders of Synthetix and Chainlink on DeFi, Derivatives and 25 New Decentralized Price Feeds

Yesterday Chainlink released price reference data for 25 of its decentralized oracle networks which, together, power more than $100m in DeFi.

2019/11/26 10:52

分散型金融(DeFi)市場、仮想通貨下落でも成長継続 | ETH保持額が過去最高更新【ニュース】


2019/06/26 00:10

Synthetix Trader Rolls Back Broken Trades That Netted $1 Billion Profit

A rogue API caused Synthetix pricing to go wild. A bot profited, but the bot owner rolled back the trades.

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