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2020/10/21 05:26

Who Was Crypto’s Most Influential in 2020? Vote Now

CoinDesk's Most Influential list highlights those who helped advance the crypto and blockchain industries, in spite of this year's tragedies.

2019/09/18 20:40

People With Least Knowledge Most Positive on Crypto’s Future: ING

People with less knowledge about cryptocurrency are the most likely to be positive on its future, according to research from Dutch bank ING.

2019/05/03 00:00

22% of Institutional Investors Have Some Digital Asset Exposure: Fidelity

Institutional investors are increasingly open to adding digital assets to their portfolios, suggests new research from Fidelity Investments.

2019/03/08 01:00

73% of UK Consumers Say They Don’t Know What Cryptocurrency Is

Three-quarters of U.K. consumers don't know what a cryptocurrency is or can't define it, according to a survey by the nation's financial regulator.

2018/10/26 21:10

Most Central Banks Back Digital Currency If DLT Improved: IBM Survey

A new IBM survey finds most central banks polled back issuing a wholesale digital currency, but are still uncertain about blockchain's efficiency.

2018/09/15 03:36

Circle Survey Finds Twice As Many Men Invest in Cryptocurrencies As Women

The survey also found that roughly 25 percent of millennials are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies over the next year.

2018/09/07 01:30

Survey: Nearly 80% of Americans Have Heard of Bitcoin

A YouGov survey of roughly 1,200 Americans found that 48 percent of millennials are interested in using cryptocurrencies as a primary form of payment.

2018/08/15 22:30

30% of UK Firms Hit by Crypto Mining Malware in a Month: Survey

Almost a third of U.K. businesses said they had been hit by cryptocurrency mining malware within the previous month, according to new research.

2018/07/12 11:00

85% Of Canadians Are 'Aware' Of Bitcoin, Says Bank of Canada

The results of a nationwide bitcoin survey conducted December by the Bank of Canada are now in.

2018/06/29 15:00

Regulator Survey Prompts Concerns Over Public Knowledge of Crypto

Hodling but ignorant? An Ontario regulator is concerned the public still lacks knowledge about crypto and its regulation – even if they own assets.

2018/06/13 22:01

Banks' Blockchain Budgets Spiked 67% in 2017, Survey Finds

Blockchain budgets at global banks' increased sharply in 2017, pushing combined annual spending to $1.7 billion, according to a new survey.

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