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2021/02/02 06:37

Facial Recognition Tech May Be Being Used Against Russian Protestors

Russian police officials may be tracking attendees at pro-Navalny protests using facial recognition tools, detainees claim.

2021/02/02 05:04

FinCEN’s Wallet Rule Aims to Close Crypto-Cash Reporting Gap, Official Says

FinCEN Deputy Director Michael Mosier encouraged commenters to provide practical, technical feedback on the rule.

2020/11/04 22:06

‘Digital Mercenaries’: Why Blockchain Analytics Firms Have Privacy Advocates Worried

Blockchain surveillance highlights the tension between further crypto transparency that encourages wider adoption and its cypherpunk roots.

2020/08/25 02:13

Huawei Builds Blockchain Platform to Help Beijing Government Manage People’s Data

Huawei’s cloud services arm is helping the Beijing government set up a blockchain platform that would better track and manage people’s data.

2020/08/25 01:36

Moscow May Sell Footage From Public Security Cameras: Report

Moscow authorities plan to sell and broadcast over the internet video from surveillance cameras, according to a report.

2020/06/11 04:22

‘Radical Indifference’: How Surveillance Capitalism Conquered Our Lives

"Disinformation is a routine consequence of surveillance capitalism," says Surveillance Capitalism author Shoshana Zuboff in a wide-ranging interview.

2020/03/06 13:03

Clearview AI Lawyer Tor Ekeland Says Your Face Is Public Property

Tor Ekeland made a career of defending hackers. Now he's defending a hacker's trove: a company with 3 billion images in its database.

2020/01/22 23:00

Notes From the WEF: The Coming Battle Between Surveilled and Private Money

Most Davos experts appear to agree that blockchain technology is best for data collection rather than self-sovereign finance.

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