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2020/09/04 17:32

Voatz Calls for Restrictions on Independent Cybersecurity Research in Supreme Court Brief

Blockchain voting platform Voatz wrote that bug bounty programs are beneficial – provided researchers only operate under the supervision of the companies they’re looking into.

2020/05/05 11:03

インドの仮想通貨取引所、課税問題の明確化求める ビジネス拡大の足かせに


2020/03/19 11:04



2018/10/26 19:00

India Supreme Court Seeks Government Opinion on Crypto Within 2 Weeks

The Supreme Court of India has asked the government to give its view on cryptocurrencies, amid fallout from a ruling by the central bank in April.

2018/07/04 00:11

Court Says India's Crypto Exchange Bank Account Ban Will Continue

India's central bank won a key victory in court this week.

2018/06/22 00:13

Bitcoin Just Got a Shoutout in a New US Supreme Court Opinion

That's not something you see every day: an opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court that makes a reference to cryptocurrencies.

2018/05/23 03:00

India's Supreme Court to Hold Crypto Lawsuit Hearing in July

The Supreme Court of India has decided to hear crypto-related cases with respect to the news from RBI stopping banks from dealing with cryptos.

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