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2018/12/17 20:20

A Year Ago Today Bitcoin’s Price Hit a Record $20k

Bitcoin is still struggling to find the bottom of a bear market on the anniversary of its $20,000 all-time record price high.

2018/12/14 20:00

Bitcoin Price Defies Oversold Conditions to Hit 15-Month Low

Bitcoin tumbled to 15-month lows earlier today, dashing hopes of a rally signaled by current extreme oversold conditions.

2018/12/11 20:00

Bitcoin Oversold on Weekly Price Chart for First Time in Four Years

A key long-term bitcoin price indicator is reporting oversold conditions for the first time in almost four years.

2018/12/10 20:00

$3K Ahead? Bitcoin Price Bounce Is Again Losing Steam

Bitcoin still has the potential to drop towards $3,000, despite a minor bounce from 15-month lows seen on Friday.

2018/12/07 03:33

ConsenSys Confirms Layoffs, Projecting 13% of Staff at Startups to Be Cut

In a statement shared Thursday, ConsenSys announced that it is letting go 13 percent of its staff.

2018/12/06 02:30

Lubin Won’t Rule Out Layoffs Amid ‘Refocusing’ at ConsenSys

A strategic shift is in the works at ConsenSys, the sprawling venture studio dedicated to building ethereum-based businesses and products.

2018/12/05 00:30

Coinbase’s Former Fraud Lead Has Left to Join Tech Firm Twilio

One of Coinbase's longest-servicing employees, risk operations manager Rees Atlas, has left the Silicon Valley cryptocurrency exchange for Twilio.

2018/12/04 20:10

Closing on $4k: Bitcoin Price Recovers From One-Week Lows

A quick recovery from one-week lows seen today may have helped bitcoin avert a bigger sell-off, but the bulls are not out of the woods yet.

2018/12/03 20:00

Will Bitcoin Price Snap Three-Year December Winning Streak?

Bitcoin may break its three-year December winning streak unless prices convincingly cross key resistance at $4,410 in the next few days.

2018/11/30 20:45

Capitulation? Bitcoin’s Price Dropped 36% in November

Bitcoin tanked in November on the back of high volumes, raising the possibility that the market has, to some extent, capitulated.

2018/11/29 20:00

Bitcoin Sees Biggest Single-Day Price Gain Since April

Bitcoin is teasing a short-term bullish reversal, having just recorded its biggest single-day gain in seven months.

2018/11/28 20:20

Back Over $4K: Bitcoin’s Price Bounce is Gathering Pace

While the bitcoin market is still predominantly bearish, seller exhaustion near $3,500 may be paving the way to stronger corrective bounce.

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