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2019/06/05 23:00

Israeli Startup Launches First Non-Custodial Wallet Without Private Keys

Until now users had the choice between two poisons: be their own bank at the cost of complexity, human errors or hacks or trust a third party blindly.

2019/05/14 17:00

Blockstack CEO Muneeb Ali: ‘You Don’t Need a Blockchain’ for All Dapps

Apps across the space are putting too much reliance (and data) on blockchains, argued Blockstack CEO Muneeb Ali at Consensus 2019.

2019/03/08 23:00

Swissquote Bank Launching ‘Nuke Proof’ Crypto Custody

Online banking group Swissquote is launching a custody service that will see crypto keys stored in an ex-military bunker.

2018/08/29 04:41

Filecoin Looks to Mid-2019 for Blockchain Storage Network Launch

Blockchain storage startup Filecoin announced it would launch its mainnet sometime near the middle of next year.

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