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2021/03/08 07:45

米国で1.9兆ドルの景気刺激策可決でビットコイン価格が最高値付近まで上昇 ついに中国上場企業のBTC購入も


2020/10/31 22:00

The World Is Never Getting Off Government Stimulus

The Breakdown weekly recap looks at bitcoin buying by Iran, JPM Coin and the latest round of lockdowns coming to Europe.

2020/10/21 04:43

US House Speaker ‘Optimistic’ About Reaching a Stimulus Pact: Reports

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she is “optimistic” after the Trump administration made concessions on coronavirus testing and tracing ahead of a Tuesday evening deadline.

2020/10/20 06:22

Pelosi, Mnuchin Edge Closer to a Stimulus Deal; Agreement Won’t Guarantee Passage

"The Speaker continues to hope that, by the end of the day Tuesday, we will have clarity on whether we will be able to pass a bill before the election," her spokeswoman tweeted.

2020/10/10 01:45

Trump Administration Readying $1.8T Stimulus Proposal: Report

Bitcoin is up 54% this year on speculation that trillion-dollar stimulus efforts by governments and central banks will lead to inflation.

2020/09/03 07:10

US Lawmakers Advocate for Blockchain Use in COVID Relief Efforts

Lawmakers are urging President Trump to consider blockchain solutions in the fight against COVID-19.

2020/09/01 22:01

Government of Bermuda Pilots Stimulus Token in Response to COVID Crisis

Bermuda is looking to speed up the distribution of financial aid to its citizens and has begun trialing a digital stimulus token.

2020/06/03 20:33

First Mover: ECB Stimulus May Offer Market Hope After Bitcoin Fails (Again) to Break $10K

After another failure above the $10,000 mark, some bitcoin traders are now looking ahead to this week's European Central Bank meeting, where authorities could commit to an extra €500 billion in money injections – er, asset purchases.

2020/05/18 22:33

Winners and Losers in the US’ $1,200 Check Blitz

Wealth and age determine when and how 250 million Americans get their stimulus payments, says our columnist J.P. Koning.

2020/05/13 09:53



2020/05/01 00:00

Banking the Unbanked: How the Crypto Community Can Make a Big Impact

For tech-savvy young adults in communities often overlooked by traditional big business, the crypto and blockchain industry offers opportunities that others don't.

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