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2020/03/20 13:21

仮想通貨STEEMのハードフォーク、Steemitでの「検閲」問題に発展 トロン創業者に非難


2020/03/04 06:40

Steem Community Mobilizes Popular Vote in Battle With Justin Sun

The Steem community is striking back after an attempted end-around by Tron founder Justin Sun. While CoinDesk has been writing this report, three former Steem blockchain validators (known as “witnesses”) have been voted back onto the council of 20 nodes that keeps Steem running. On Monday, Sun was able to put a new slate of […]

2020/03/03 06:00

Why Crypto Should Care About Justin Sun’s Steem Drama

The implications reach much further than just Steem or Tron, underlining the fundamental message of the "not your keys, not your crypto" mantra.

2020/02/16 09:00



2020/02/15 01:02

Steemit Sets Up Shop on Tron Network

Steemit, the blockchain-based social media platform, is partnering with the Tron Foundation, introducing Steem dapps and users to the Tron network.

2019/12/29 12:00

新天地は? YouTubeに動画を削除された仮想通貨系ユーチューバーは、どこに移行するのか【ニュース】


2019/08/15 20:41

Steemit to Automate Development Funding With New DAO

The blockchain project that focuses on monetizing social media sites is launching a DAO in its coming hard fork upgrade.

2018/11/30 11:39



2018/11/29 14:31

著名仮想通貨SNS企業のSteemitが社員の70%を解雇 市場低迷の中生き残りかけリストラ

仮想通貨とブロックチェーンを使ったSNSである「スティーミット(Steemit )」が仮想通貨市場の低迷をうけ、社員の70%以上を解雇するなどリストラに動いている。

2018/11/29 02:10

Steemit Lays Off 70% of Its Staff, Citing Crypto Bear Market

"We've been forced to lay off more than 70% of our organization and begin a restructuring," says Steemit founder Ned Scott.

2018/10/09 19:00

I Can't Believe This Blockchain Is Free

At the very least, a blockchain mindset can help you call social media giants' bluff when they tell you that their services are "free."

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