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2019/09/09 16:58

アトレティコ・マドリードもファントークン発行へ スポーツファン向け仮想通貨チリーズと提携


2019/08/11 11:00

「金(ゴールド)と仮想通貨ビットコインは似ている」 米億万長者キューバン氏が主張


2019/06/07 04:30

S.L. Benfica Is The First Major European Football Club To Accept Cryptocurrency

S.L. Benfica fans can now lay down bitcoin and ether to pick up a team jersey.

2019/04/22 19:00

Tennis Star Serena Williams Reveals Investment in Coinbase

Serena Williams, one of the most successful tennis players ever, has revealed she invested in Coinbase via a previously secret VC firm.

2018/12/27 21:00

Litecoin Takes to the UFC Octagon in New Sponsorship Deal

The litecoin logo is to take prime place in the Octagon at an Ultimate Fighting Championship event this Saturday.

2018/08/21 22:00

eToro to Pay for Major UK Soccer Sponsorship Deal With Bitcoin

Online investment platform eToro has inked a deal that will see it use bitcoin to pay for sponsorship at seven Premier League soccer teams.

2018/07/14 01:06

Major League Baseball Collectibles Are Coming to Ethereum

Major League Baseball (MLB) is partnering with a blockchain startup to launch a decentralized app trading game.

2018/07/02 09:00

F1 Champ Alonso Adopts KodakCoin Platform for Image Protection

Fernando Alonso, the world's top Formula One racing driver, is tapping a blockchain-secured platform to safeguard his image rights.

2018/06/12 02:30

KODAKCoin Inks Arena Partnership to Store NBA, NHL Photos

Created by WENN Digital, KODAKOne and the KODAKCoin is announced to launch at 6 major OVG sports venues reaching over 10 million fans per year.

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