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2019/12/13 10:19

仮想通貨マイニング機器大手ビットメイン、中南米での販売強化 | マーケットシェアは過去半年で減少【ニュース】


2019/09/06 15:11

コロンビアとペルーに仮想通貨ATM設置へ パックスフルとコインロジックが連携


2019/09/05 22:00

Paxful Plans to Bring 20 Crypto ATMs to Colombia

A partnership between two cryptocurrency firms will bring 20 new bitcoin ATMs to cities around Colombia, with plans to expand into Peru.

2019/06/17 09:30



2019/05/17 00:00

Ripio Is Launching a Crypto Exchange for 3 Latin American Nations

Ripio, a startup working to boost crypto adoption in Argentina, is widening its scope with a new exchange serving Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.

2019/02/05 00:30

Venezuela’s Crypto Exchanges, Miners Must Register Under New Rules

Venezuela has activated new regulations for crypto service providers in the country, including exchange platforms and miners.

2019/02/04 19:00

Bitfury Partners to Launch Bitcoin Mining Centers in Paraguay

Bitfury has teamed up with a South Korean firm to mine bitcoin using cheap, clean hydro power in Paraguay.

2018/08/29 23:59

Crypto Exchange AirTM Targets Troubled Markets With $7 Million Raise

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange AirTM has raised $7 million it says it will use to expand in troubled Latin American economies.

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