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2018/08/02 03:30

Blockchain Platform to Promote Japanese Culture Through Movies, TV Shows and Music

A blockchain-based company is going to create films, TV shows, movies and music to satisfy the world’s growing appetite for Japanese pop culture #SPONSORED

2018/07/28 20:30

Rejection Aside, Calls for a Bitcoin ETF Are Only Escalating

Despite the rejection of a bid for a bitcoin ETF, the crypto market remains confident other proposals will persevere.

2018/07/28 04:00

What Volatility? How Facebook's Historic Loss Became Crypto's Gain

Facebook had a bad day in the market this week – and the crypto community quickly pounced.

2018/07/25 22:30

China's Answer to Reddit Is Launching a Crypto Token

One of the oldest social networking platforms in China is launching its own crypto token in an apparent bid to boost declining user activity.

2018/07/20 06:30

Congressman's Call for Crypto Ban Sparks Social Uproar

In the span of a few hours, it became Crypto Twitter vs U.S. Representative Brad Sherman.

2018/07/14 17:10

Muh Monopoly! How a Banker's Talk Sparked All Kinds of Crypto Mockery

The head of the Bank of International Settlements briefly became the butt of crypto Twitter trolling last week after issuing new comments on the tech.

2018/07/07 00:30

Facebook Has a New Director of Engineering for Blockchain

Facebook is getting even more serious about blockchain, appointing a new director of engineering to focus on the technology.

2018/07/01 20:30

Bitcoin's Unknown 'Kings': The Magazine Mystery That's Got Crypto Guessing

A recent magazine cover attracted international commentary. After all, it isn't every day that relative unknowns are touted as "Bitcoin Kings."

2018/06/27 04:14

Facebook Relaxes Ban, Accepts Some Crypto Ads

Now, at least some, crypto advertisers will find that they can post crypto ads on Facebook - if they are approved through an application process.

2018/06/19 07:00

Cold Reception? Crypto Critics Ignite After EOS Blockchain 'Freeze'

Over the weekend, transactions on the live EOS blockchain came to a complete – yet temporary – halt. 

2018/06/12 04:45

Bitcoin's Price Is Below $7K and (Some) Hodlers Aren't So Happy About It

The price of bitcoin hit a two-month low over the weekend – and social media is alight with speculation about it.

2018/04/27 12:51


スキャネットチェーン社、拡張現実(AR)を使い、1つの仮想通貨プラットフォームで、ソーシャルネットワークとショッピングのサービスを一緒に提供 #SPONSORED

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