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年末までにビットコイン価格はどうなる? クラーケンCEO「1BTCでランボルギーニ1台」


2021/03/10 21:05

イーサリアムの取引性能が間もなく100倍に ヴィタリックがロールアップに期待感


2020/12/03 10:12

イーサリアム2.0、「フェーズ0」の後はどうなる? ヴィタリック氏が新たなロードマップ公開


2020/12/03 01:40

What Is Sharding?

"Sharding" is a proposed method of splitting Ethereum's infrastructure into smaller pieces in an attempt to scale the network.

2020/10/11 04:00

The Potential Ripple Effects of Ethereum 2.0, Explained

CoinDesk’s Christine Kim spoke to colleagues Michael J. Casey and Aaron Stanley about the most compelling and under-discussed topics about Ethereum 2.0 headlining next week’s conference.

2020/09/30 09:09



2019/04/02 21:30

Apple, Amazon Alums Behind Sharding Startup Raise $18 Million

Harmony, a "deep sharding" startup that hopes to one day help you turn your data into income, has raised $18 million in a token presale.

2018/11/01 05:00

Vitalik Ends Devcon Talk With Sing-a-Long About Failed Ethereum Ideas

At the Devcon4 developer conference, the founder of ethereum presented the current roadmap to a more scalable network – and a song.

2018/10/14 20:10

Crypto Reckoning? Industry Vets Strike Humble Tone in San Francisco

Many at San Francisco Blockchain Week are warily reflecting on the lessons of the 2017 token boom, the pride that came before the bear-market fall.

2018/09/26 17:00

You Won't Have to Wait for This Ethereum Scaling Solution, It Works Now

Most ethereum scaling technologies are a far from completed, but OpenST says it's got a solution that's ready for the "here and now."

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