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2018/07/27 04:31

Google Yanked MetaMask From the Chrome Store, Left a Phishing Scam Up

Scams are an epidemic in the crypto space, and clumsy actions by big tech companies can open up the opportunities, as MetaMask learned recently.

2018/07/17 13:06

Is Pied Piper Serious? How HBO Inspired Crypto's Most Confounding Coin

What began as a parody quickly became a coin. Soon it might – might – become its own blockchain. What is happening?

2018/07/13 11:10

仮想通貨の窃盗は取引所からだけでない 去年約11億円のイーサリアム を盗んだ手口とは

カスペルスキー・ラボによると、去年2万1000イーサリアム (ETH)(約11億円)以上がソーシャルエンジニアリングによって盗まれた。

2018/06/26 06:50

$3 Billion: FTC Warns Consumers Could Pay High Price for Crypto Scams

Regulators, lawyers and cryptocurrency experts discussed ways of protecting investors at the FTC's "Decrypting Cryptocurrency Scams" workshop Monday.

2018/05/25 17:00

Pink Taxis, Red Flags: A Deep Dive Into a Sketchy ICO

No team, plagiarized white paper, McAfee pump, promises of bitcoin-like returns, brand hijacking, a fake blog. Welcome to ICO-land.

2018/05/22 02:01

Australians Lost Over $2 Million to Crypto Scams Last Year

A report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission indicates that Australians lost millions of dollars to crypto-related scams in 2017.

2018/05/18 10:00

Tea Tokenizers Arrested in China for Alleged $47 Million Crypto Fraud

Another cryptocurrency project has been busted by law enforcement in China for allegedly soliciting money from investors with fraudulent claims.

2018/05/17 02:17

The SEC Just Launched a Fake ICO Website to Educate Investors

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission wants to make sure investors know what a scam ICO looks like. Even if it has to launch its own.

2018/04/27 15:11


ペイパル元CEOのビル・ハリス氏は、CNBCのインタビューの中で、ビットコイン投資家は「毒入りジュースを飲んでいる」と発言した。 #ニュース

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