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2018/10/04 19:00

Multicoin Leads $10 Million SAFT Sale for Ethereum Scaling Startup Skale

Skale Labs has raised $10 million to launch a layer 2-focused scalable blockchain for ethereum dapps.

2018/10/04 14:00

Bitcoin Startup Acinq Raises $1.7 Million to Double Down on Lightning

A new funding round shows that lightning technology isn't just a big hit with bitcoin developers - investors are getting interested, too.

2018/09/26 17:00

You Won't Have to Wait for This Ethereum Scaling Solution, It Works Now

Most ethereum scaling technologies are a far from completed, but OpenST says it's got a solution that's ready for the "here and now."

2018/09/26 01:00

Bitcoin Just Took a Step Toward Becoming a 'Multi-Network' Cryptocurrency

A long-in-the-works proposal heralded as the best way to bring sidechains to bitcoin has released its first code after three years in development.

2018/09/24 21:00

'500 Transactions a Second': Vitalik Says Zk-Snarks Could Scale Ethereum

A form of cryptography pioneered by zcash might help scale ethereum "by a huge amount," says founder Vitalik Buterin.

2018/09/21 13:00

'Turbo Geth' Seeks to Scale Ethereum – And It's Already in Beta

Instead of tackling ethereum's transaction costs, developer Alexey Akhunov focused on the blockchain's state, and the software is ready.

2018/09/14 13:00

Ethereum's Vlad Zamfir Claims Breakthrough In Blockchain Sharding

Ethereum researcher Vlad Zamfir has coded up the base architecture of upcoming scaling solution, sharding.

2018/07/26 21:00

Bitcoin's Cutting-Edge 'Coin Selection' Tech Gets First Major Integration

BitGo is taking advantage of a long-promised scaling tech that should see user's transaction fees slashed by up to one-third.

2018/07/20 21:00

Bitcoin's Biggest Startups Are Backing a New Effort to Keep Fees Low

A project called Bitcoin Optech is launching to ensure companies like Coinbase and Square know the best technologies out there to reduce user fees.

2018/07/20 02:00

Ethereum Scaling Solution Raiden Releases Last Testnet Before Launch

The team behind the Raiden, which creates payment channels to help ethereum scale, has launched the final testnet before the tech goes live.

2018/07/06 17:00

Ethereum's Growing Gas Crisis (And What's Being Done to Stop It)

The ethereum network is seeing new levels of congestion with rising use, a development that is spurring proposals for technical improvements.

2018/06/16 03:05

Proposed Ethereum Roadmap Would Activate Its Biggest Upgrades Together

A developer meeting Friday saw ethereum's developers discuss a proposal that would see two of its most anticipated upgrades update together.

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