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2019/08/02 12:28

仮想通貨ビットコインの最小単位「サトシ」、価格高騰で脚光 | 積極活用やシンボル採用をうたう主張登場

仮想通貨ビットコイン(BTC)の価格が9950ドル(約107万円)を上回っており(記事掲載時点)、小売業者が少額決済を行う際に「0.0009950 BTC」などの細かな数値の見逃しや見間違いにつながる可能性があるという。

2019/06/22 02:00

Wright Has Not Disclosed Full Bitcoin Holdings Per Court Order, Says Plaintiff’s Representation

Self-professed bitcoin founder Wright may be held in contempt of court.

2019/06/01 06:00

The Copyright for the Satoshi White Paper is Already Causing Trouble

Craig Wright's copyright registration of the Satoshi White Paper is causing some online services to censor the document.

2019/05/31 02:23

‘Everyone Can Be Satoshi’: Wei Liu Breaks Silence on Bid to Contest Craig Wright’s Bitcoin Copyright

Crypto trader Wei Liu says he registered a copyright on the Satoshi White Paper to poke fun at what he calls the "cult of CSW."

2019/05/22 01:00

Craig Wright Is Playing Three-Dimensional Checkers

Craig Wrights efforts to copyright the Bitcoin archives are genius in a very special way.

2019/05/21 21:47

Craig Wright Attempts to Copyright the Satoshi White Paper and Bitcoin Code

Craig Wright has filed copyright registrations for the original Satoshi white paper and bitcoin code with the U.S. Copyright Office.

2019/04/17 04:45

Craig Wright’s Fight With a Cartoon Bitcoin Astronaut Cat Explained

It's Satoshi claimant Craig Wright vs the bitcoin community, with accusations of fraud and defamation flying between them.

2019/04/16 01:00

‘Satoshi’s Treasure’ Is a Global Puzzle With a $1 Million Bitcoin Prize

This treasure hunt is like a bitcoin version of "Ready Player One," with the first clues released via Blockstream's satellite.

2018/08/24 13:00

A Fight Is Breaking Out Over Bitcoin Cash – And It Just Might Split the Code

Bitcoin cash devs are fighting over what code changes to make next. If no one compromises, hard-forked coin could itself split into two.

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