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2019/05/24 18:00

Security Token Platform iSTOX Admitted to Central Bank Sandbox

iSTOX, a Singapore Exchange-backed security token platform, has joined a regulatory sandbox set up by Singapore's central bank.

2019/04/19 02:00

Crypto Startups Barred from Indian Central Bank Fintech Sandbox

The Reserve Bank of India is setting up a regulatory sandbox for fintech startups – but crypto projects are excluded.

2019/01/12 05:50

Wyoming Lawmakers Advance Blockchain ‘Sandbox’ Bill

A Wyoming legislature committee has approved a regulatory sandbox bill, sending it to the full House for a vote.

2018/09/25 17:00

Sandboxes Aren't Enough: Blockchain Leaders Seek Regulation Relief

Even in blockchain-friendly jurisdictions, some say regulatory hurdles and old mindsets are holding back innovation and growth for the industry.

2018/08/08 18:00

Regulators Plan 'Global Sandbox' for Fintech Including Blockchain

A number of regulators from across the globe are forming a new alliance to facilitate the development of fintech in cross-border solutions.

2018/07/10 00:15

UK Watchdog Welcomes First Crypto Startups to Regulatory Sandbox

The U.K.'s financial regulator is allowing startups focused on blockchain and crypto assets into its regulatory sandbox for the first time.

2018/07/02 13:00

Crypto Startups Don't Need Sandboxes, They Need Greenhouses

"Sandbox" is a bad term to describe these regulatory programs, under which financial technology solutions can be safely seeded, fed, and controlled.

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