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2020/06/11 03:08

Human Rights Foundation Funds Bitcoin Privacy Tools Despite ‘Coin Mixing’ Legal Stigma

The Human Rights Foundation took a strong stance on bitcoin privacy tech Wednesday by announcing its new Bitcoin Developer Fund.

2019/06/26 02:00

Samourai Wallet Releases Privacy-Enhancing CoinJoin Feature

The new feature is easy to activate but may be difficult to execute at scale.

2019/06/10 17:30

Samourai, Nodl to Launch Bitcoin Lightning Node With Mixing Features

A new hardware partnership is helping the team behind Samourai Wallet extend their obsession with privacy to the world of bitcoin nodes.

2019/06/03 21:00

Samourai Wallet Raises First Funding Round in Fight Against Bitcoin Surveillance

The team behind the privacy-centric Samourai Wallet has received a $100,000 investment to expand its offerings.

2019/01/11 16:00

Google Policy Change Forces Bitcoin Wallet to Remove Security Features

Privacy-focused bitcoin wallet Samourai said Google's "extremely restrictive policies" forced exclusion of key security and privacy focused features from its application.

2018/09/29 06:25

Samourai Wallet Stops Showing Fiat Value of Bitcoin Balances

The Samourai Wallet is dropping fiat values from its platform, and will only display bitcoin balances in BTC or satoshis going forward.

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