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2020/05/29 06:11

Market Wrap: Short Seller Liquidations Help Push Bitcoin Beyond $9,500

Bitcoin is riding high as short sellers in the crypto derivatives market get squeezed out, triggering automatic buy orders.

2020/05/22 06:14

Market Wrap: Traders ‘Buy the Dip’ as Bitcoin Hovers at $9,000

Bitcoin fell for a second day as sentiment grew bearish, though some traders say they’ll buy the dip.

2020/05/16 05:57

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Dips as Stock Markets Close Lower on the Week

Bitcoin attempted to recover from a price dip on Friday as global stock indexes end the week lower.

2020/05/02 05:32

Market Wrap: May Opens With Equities Lower While Bitcoin Steady at $8.7K

Traditional markets continue to get whalloped on terrible economic numbers while bitcoin holds ground ahead of the halving.

2020/05/01 05:44

Market Wrap: There’s a Bright Side to Bitcoin’s Drop on Worsening Unemployment

Bitcoin cooled off after jumping to its highest levels in nearly two months, when it was up as much as $9,478. Yet, stakeholders say crypto interest remains strong.

2020/04/24 06:38

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Gains as Futures Dance the Contango

Bitcoin futures premiums have jumped into "contango" levels, a bullish signal.

2020/04/02 05:31

Bitcoin Takes Tumble, Traders Fret Correlation and Next Month’s Halving

Bitcoin had another down day. How long the cryptocurrency follows stocks, and whether next month’s halving juices its price, remain open questions.

2020/03/10 06:56

You Call That Volatility? Bitcoin Traders Scoff at Wall Street’s Gyrations

As traditional markets undergo a level of anxiety not seen since the 2008 recession, the cryptocurrency industry showed few existential signs of distress.

2020/03/04 01:33

Bitcoin Drops 2% Following Fed’s First Emergency Rate Cut Since 2008

Bitcoin prices slid Tuesday after the U.S. Federal Reserve announced an emergency cut in interest rates to counteract risks to the economy from the spreading coronavirus.

2018/12/07 01:45

Morgan Creek Is Betting $1 Million That Crypto Can Beat the S&P

Morgan Creek Digital wants to echo Warren Buffett's famous bet by wagering $1 million that crypto will outperform the S&P 500 over 10 years.

2018/10/14 20:59

Not So Safe Haven? Signs Suggest Bitcoin Might Still Be a Risk Asset

Bitcoin and the equities markets both took a tumble this week, leaving many to wonder if BTC is more safe haven or risk asset.

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