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2020/09/01 22:00

How the Bitcoin Blockchain Is Being Used to Safeguard Nuclear Power Stations

Buenos Aires-based Nuclearis is using the Bitcoin-powered RSK blockchain as an immutable anchor for keeping tabs on critical documents.

2019/05/14 23:00

RIF Launches ‘Layer 3’ Network to Scale Bitcoin-Based Smart Contracts, Tokens

RIF Labs, which built the RSK sidechain for tokens and smart contracts on top of bitcoin, has launched a "third layer" to help scale this technology.

2018/11/20 18:00

Bitcoin Smart Contract Startup RSK Unveils New Infrastructure Project

RSK Labs is operating under a new banner, with an emphasis on creating a range of open-source protocols for blockchain infrastructure.

2018/11/20 09:40

仮想通貨ビットコインのスマートコントラクトプロトコル、ルートストックが、派生プロジェクトのRIF Labsにより買収

ビットコインベースのスマートコントラクトプロトコルであるルートストック(RSK)が、派生プロジェクトのRIF OSと統合し、業務範囲の拡大を図る。

2018/10/07 19:30

Sidechains Are Bringing ICOs to Bitcoin And That Might Change Crypto Funding

By the end of the year, an initial coin offering will be launched on bitcoin. thanks to sidechains tech.

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