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2021/02/02 18:30

Robinhood CEO May Testify Before US House Committee Over GameStop Allegations

Vlad Tenev will likely appear before a U.S. virtual hearing as lawmakers investigate the firm's recent trading restrictions, a Politico report says.

2021/02/02 09:36



2021/02/02 03:25

Robinhood Can’t Democratize Finance Using Old Tools

Robinhood saw the ire of traders last week because it promised to be different. It turned out to be fancy app on top of an antiquated system.

2021/02/02 03:09

Robinhood Raises $3.4B Amid Growth Surge

The round is the stock trading app's largest raise ever.

2021/01/30 23:00

GameStop, Robinhood and the Failure of Un-Free Markets

The latest in the saga of WallStreetBets vs the world.

2021/01/30 04:58

In Retrospect, It Was Inevitable: Elon Musk Pumps Bitcoin to Space

The price action is fun, but the larger significance is about decentralized alternatives to today’s financial system.

2020/12/01 04:09

Bitcoin Trading Fees on PayPal, Robinhood, Cash App and Coinbase: What to Know

With bitcoin’s price hitting a new all-time high on Monday, retail investors will inevitably want to get in on the original crypto asset.

2020/11/02 03:12

Dark Web Hackers Claim to Hold Keys to 10K Robinhood Accounts: Report

The number of Robinhood-related emails for sale outnumber those for other brokerages by about 5-to-1, the report says.

2020/10/10 04:54

Robinhood Traders, Including Bitcoin Holders, Left in the Lurch Following Theft: Report

The popular personal investing platform did not do enough to help targeted customers, victims claim.

2020/09/03 18:46

Robinhood May Face $10M SEC Fine Over Disclosure Failures

Robinhood is reportedly under investigation by the SEC for not fully disclosing that it was passing customer orders onto market makers.

2020/09/02 22:25

First Mover: Bitcoin Tumbles, Bithumb Reportedly Raided, Uniswap Challenges Coinbase

Bitcoin is down amid negative news from South Korea, but Uniswap has shot to the top of the DeFi rankings.

2020/09/02 05:44

Exchange Outages Are Going Mainstream: What Robinhood Can Learn From Crypto

With popular online trading platforms hit by more outages amid high volumes, companies like Robinhood may learn something from crypto exchanges.

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