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2020/11/02 03:12

Dark Web Hackers Claim to Hold Keys to 10K Robinhood Accounts: Report

The number of Robinhood-related emails for sale outnumber those for other brokerages by about 5-to-1, the report says.

2020/10/10 04:54

Robinhood Traders, Including Bitcoin Holders, Left in the Lurch Following Theft: Report

The popular personal investing platform did not do enough to help targeted customers, victims claim.

2020/09/03 18:46

Robinhood May Face $10M SEC Fine Over Disclosure Failures

Robinhood is reportedly under investigation by the SEC for not fully disclosing that it was passing customer orders onto market makers.

2020/09/02 22:25

First Mover: Bitcoin Tumbles, Bithumb Reportedly Raided, Uniswap Challenges Coinbase

Bitcoin is down amid negative news from South Korea, but Uniswap has shot to the top of the DeFi rankings.

2020/09/02 05:44

Exchange Outages Are Going Mainstream: What Robinhood Can Learn From Crypto

With popular online trading platforms hit by more outages amid high volumes, companies like Robinhood may learn something from crypto exchanges.

2020/09/01 00:15

Robinhood, Other Online Trading Platforms Having Log-in Issues

The reported outages affect Robinhood, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade and others.

2020/07/03 04:00

Why the Robinhood Revolution Is the Future of Finance, Feat. Jill Carlson

Far from a fly-by-night, uneducated mania, the new day trader class represents a much more significant force for how public markets are changing.

2020/06/17 04:16

From Moral Hazard to Business as Usual, Feat. Jesse Felder

A leading independent financial analysis shares thoughts on the “Robinhood rally,” Fed policy and why Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is already here.

2020/06/14 01:00

The Chad Index Versus Doomer Internet Money: The Breakdown Weekly Recap

This week, the wildest, most nonsensical, volatile part of the market wasn’t bitcoin, it was the “Robinhood Rally” in equities.

2020/06/09 09:05



2020/05/05 18:37

仮想通貨・株式取引アプリ「ロビンフッド」、新たに約300億円調達 | 新規顧客も増加中


2020/04/21 14:56

仮想通貨取引アプリのロビンフッド、270億円相当を調達か ブルームバーグ報道


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