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2018/07/12 05:45

Crypto Market Downturn Puts Drag on High-End GPU Prices

New research suggests that prices for high-end graphics cards – coveted by both cryptocurrency miners and gamers alike – are falling.

2018/07/05 17:00

Summer Blues or Crypto Moon? Take CoinDesk's State of Blockchain Survey

This past quarter saw price declines, hacks, regulatory clarity, and many more.

2018/06/28 17:48



2018/06/25 23:45

China's Crypto Ratings Index Puts EOS in Top Slot, Drops Bitcoin

China's Global Public Chain Assessment Index has released its second monthly evaluation of blockchain networks – with perhaps surprising results.

2018/06/22 01:05

Stanford University Launches New Blockchain Research Center

Stanford University launches the Center for Blockchain Research and Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, is one of the sponsors.

2018/06/18 16:00

Halt the Internet? BIS Report Critiques Blockchain and DLT Claims

The Bank of International Settlements harshly reviewed the idea of cryptocurrencies, though it was more accepting of the idea of distributed ledgers.

2018/06/15 14:00

Ripple to Invest $2 Million in Texas University's Blockchain Research

Ripple is funding a blockchain research initiative at the University of Texas at Austin's McCombs School of Business.

2018/06/13 22:01

Banks' Blockchain Budgets Spiked 67% in 2017, Survey Finds

Blockchain budgets at global banks' increased sharply in 2017, pushing combined annual spending to $1.7 billion, according to a new survey.

2018/05/25 23:30

Chinese Blockchain Complex Offers Startups Millions in Subsidies

A new blockchain industrial park in China aims to attract talented individuals and startups by offering millions of dollars-worth of subsidies.

2018/05/24 00:00

Norway's Central Bank Mulls Digital Currency as Cash Use Declines

Norges Bank has released a report suggesting it might one day launch a digital currency as citizens continue to turn away from physical money.

2018/05/11 16:18

中国、 主要仮想通貨28種の格付け分析を近日中に発表


2018/05/02 13:00



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