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2020/03/12 00:20

Crypto Scams Pose More Risk Than Payments Fraud, Report Suggests

Cryptocurrency scams in 2019 were more risky for U.S. residents than fraud involving romance or payments, says the Better Business Bureau.

2019/04/29 19:30

Australian Crypto Scam Reports Rose Almost 200% in 2018

Australia saw a surge in reports of scams involving cryptocurrencies last year, according to the country's consumer watchdog.

2019/04/29 15:00

Bond Rating Agency Moody’s Warns on Risks of Private Blockchains

Rating agency Moody's has warned of several risks of private, centralized blockchains in a report examining the tech's pros and cons.

2019/03/12 21:30

EU Report: Blockchain Adoption Will Be Led by Permissioned Platforms

Blockchain adoption will be led by permissioned platforms focused on specific use cases or user bases, according to a new EU report.

2018/10/05 03:30

EU Markets Regulator Budgets €1.1 Million to Monitor Cryptos, Fintech

The EU's financial markets watchdog is setting aside over €1 million in order to monitor cryptocurrencies and other fintech activities in 2019.

2018/09/25 00:00

The US Should Take a 'Leadership' Role on Blockchain, IBM Report Argues

A new report by IBM claims that U.S.-based blockchain developers are looking to the government for leadership on building and deploying the tech.

2018/09/22 03:00

Report Finds Cryptojacking Instances Jumped 400% In A Year

A report by a group of cybersecurity researchers found that cryptojacking instances jumped more than 400 percent in a year.

2018/09/20 16:50

Coinbase Disputes Claims in New York Attorney General's Exchange Report

Coinbase and other exchanges have hit back at claims of vulnerability to market manipulation in a report from the New York Attorney General's Office.

2018/09/15 03:36

Circle Survey Finds Twice As Many Men Invest in Cryptocurrencies As Women

The survey also found that roughly 25 percent of millennials are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies over the next year.

2018/09/07 00:30

Stock Brokerage EF Hutton to Launch Crypto Reports for 'Confused' Investors

Stock brokerage EF Hutton is launching subscription-based cryptocurrency research reports aimed to educate "confused" investors.

2018/08/07 05:00

Wealth Manager Canaccord: Bitcoin ETF Approval More Likely in 2019

A long-awaited approval on a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) may not come until 2019.

2018/07/25 01:10

Ripple Report: XRP Sales Dropped 54% in Q2, But Customer Base Grew

Ripple's sales of the XRP cryptocurrency fell 54 percent to $75.53 million in Q2, but the firm gained more customers, its latest report says.

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