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2018/12/12 01:00

Coinone Exchange Launches Cross-Border Payments App With Ripple Tech

South Korean crypto exchange Coinone has launched Cross, an app providing cross-border remittances using Ripple's xCurrent product.

2018/11/15 22:01

Malaysian Banking Group CIMB Taps Ripple for Blockchain Remittances

Malaysian banking group CIMB has joined Ripple’s blockchain-based payments network, RippleNet, seeking faster cross-border payments.

2018/11/13 20:21



2018/10/24 06:30

New Stablecoin Tied to Australian Dollar Is Launching on Stellar's Blockchain

A new stablecoin launching on the Stellar network is pegged to the Australian dollar and is being pitched for consumer and business use.

2018/10/08 22:40

India's Federal Bank Is Building a Remittance App on R3's Corda

An Indian commercial bank has revealed it is building a cross-border remittance app based on R3's Corda blockchain platform.

2018/09/06 01:00

TransferGo Opens Payments Corridor to India Using Ripple Tech

Payment provider TransferGo has announced it is launching a remittance corridor to India that uses Ripple technology for near real-time transactions.

2018/09/04 21:30

IBM Debuts Stellar-Powered 'Blockchain World Wire' Payments System

IBM is taking its long-in-the-works blockchain-based payment system out of beta, with the launch of a product called Blockchain World Wire.

2018/06/29 20:00

Alibaba Seeks to Eliminate Middlemen in Blockchain Payments Patent

A new patent filing reveals Chinese e-commerce giant has been exploring the use of blockchain technology to speed up international payments.

2018/06/26 13:10

中国アリババ、ブロックチェーンを使って香港からフィリピンへ送金 送金サービスの国際展開も計画


2018/06/25 20:01

AlipayHK Opens Blockchain Remittance Corridor to the Philippines

The payment affiliate of China's e-commerce giant Alibaba has launched a blockchain-based remittance service between Hong Kong and the Philippines.

2018/05/21 11:55

3 Ways Blockchain Is Already Delivering on the Hype

The new digital gold standard? Well, of course. That goes without saying!

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