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2018/08/25 04:29

WeChat, Alipay to Block Crypto Transactions on Payment Platforms

WeChat Pay and Alipay are scrambling to keep up with regulators after recent announcements regarding initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies.

2018/08/22 10:50



2018/08/09 06:20

The SEC Will Decide on 9 Bitcoin ETFs in the Next 2 Months

The SEC is set to make final decisions on nine proposed bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the next two months.

2018/07/04 17:00

Among Blockchain-Friendly Jurisdictions, Malta Stands Out

Malta is writing laws for tomorrow's economy rather than trying to impose yesterday's rules upon it. Consider the way it is legally recognizing DAOs.

2018/05/21 00:00

Move 'Em Out: ICOs Don't Seem So Scary Outside the US

A popular event forged during the token boom of 2017 saw discussion about the changing regulatory environment that has resulted.

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