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2019/09/18 23:27

Germany Passes National Policy to Explore Blockchain But Limit Stablecoins

Germany's cabinet has passed a national strategy for exploring blockchain tech, while limiting the threat of stablecoins like Facebook's Libra.

2019/06/15 06:28

Kik vs SEC – The Lawyers Speak

The SEC's complaint against Kik, after it raised $100 million in an ICO, seemed pretty brutal, but not so fast, we're only hearing one side of the story. Watch more here as three lawyers discuss the case, its merits and its potential impacts for the crypto industry as a whole.

2019/05/10 14:25

送金を行う分散型アプリ(dApps)はATMに該当 米金融犯罪ネットワークが規制方針ガイダンス発表


2019/04/22 23:30

CFTC Chair Giancarlo Hints at What’s Holding Back Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures

Speaking generally about crypto regulation, the CFTC’s chairman offered clues about the delay at bitcoin futures exchange Bakkt.

2019/04/19 04:18

Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Calls for ‘Clear Guidelines’ on Crypto

U.S. presidential hopeful Andrew Yang has laid out his campaign's policy position on cryptocurrencies.

2019/04/19 02:00

Crypto Startups Barred from Indian Central Bank Fintech Sandbox

The Reserve Bank of India is setting up a regulatory sandbox for fintech startups – but crypto projects are excluded.

2019/01/29 09:10

Iran Could Ban Bitcoin for Payments, Central Bank Report Suggests

The Iranian central bank has drafted a new report outlining cryptocurrency regulations in the country.

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