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2019/08/01 11:05

Investors Can Now Trade Ether and British Pounds on the Same Blockchain

LAB577, a team of ex-Royal Bank of Scotland engineers, has built a system for settling crypto and fiat trades on R3's Corda Network.

2019/06/20 16:28

スコットランド王立銀行 仮想通貨決済企業サークル元幹部をフィンテック事業CEOに起用


2019/04/05 18:31

Barclays, RBS, R3 Cut Property Transaction Times in Blockchain Trial

Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, R3 and more say they've reduced property transaction times to "less than three weeks" using a distributed ledger.

2018/09/21 00:35

RBS Blockchain Team Jumps Ship to Build New Startups Using R3's Corda

A blockchain team from Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has left to start a "venture studio" called Chorum from which full-blown startups an be spun out.

2018/07/17 19:41

Banks Take Sides as Blockchain Trade Finance Race Heats Up

NatWest, part of Royal Bank of Scotland, has joined Marco Polo, a blockchain consortium started by R3 and trade finance specialist TradeIX.

2018/06/26 17:00

Banks Are Trying to Launch Crypto Assets with R3 Tech

Stealth project Cordite, led by the Royal Bank of Scotland, promises the equivalent of an ERC-20 token standard for R3's open-source Corda platform.

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