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2020/09/03 00:05

Coinberry Crypto Exchange Gets OSC Nod, Lloyd’s Cover as Canada’s Post-Quadriga Rules Tighten

Following last year’s QuadrigaCX collapse and loss of client funds, Canada’s crypto exchanges are going the extra mile to rebuild the trust of consumers.

2020/06/13 01:06

Bitcoin News Roundup for June 12, 2020

With the price of BTC dropping more than 6% overnight, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back with your bitcoin news roundup.

2020/06/12 11:35


カナダのオンタリオ州証券委員会は、仮想通貨(暗号資産)取引所クアドリガCX(Quadriga CX)について、インドで急逝しのた創業者ジェラルド・コットン氏による不正行為があったと主張している。

2020/05/13 11:45



2020/01/29 06:51

Lawyers Ramp Up Pressure to Exhume Quadriga CEO’s Body

Miller Thomson is doubling down on its request that the RCMP exhume Quadriga founder Gerald Cotten's body by publicly requesting an update from Canadian MP Bill Blair, who oversees the agency.

2020/01/23 12:24

Law Firm Representing Quadriga’s Ex-Users Want Info About ‘Shadow Bank’ Crypto Capital

Miller Thomson, the court-appointed law firm representing former users of the QuadrigaCX exchange, wants information about Crypto Capital and whether it holds any of Quadriga's funds.

2019/12/14 09:20



2019/12/14 02:28

‘Request for Exhumation’: QuadrigaCX Creditors Ask for Proof That Cotten Is Dead

Creditors of QuadrigaCX have asked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to exhume and conduct an autopsy of the failed exchange’s founder, Gerald Cotten.

2019/08/16 13:15

A Big Four Audit Firm Lost $1 Million In Bitcoin. Victims Are Losing Patience

QuadrigaCX creditors are losing patience with their court-appointed law firm, demanding answers about the effort to recover their funds.

2019/08/01 14:22

破産した仮想通貨取引所クアドリガ カナダの裁判所が管財人などに1.8億円超の費用支払いを承認


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